Can someone help me through the entire OGAds process?


Hello guys,
I used to be killing this game, earning 100’s/month (quite a bit for me), but lately when I try my accounts gets banned and I get frustrated.

I have some warmed up accounts, and I’m looking for a mentor.
I will pay you 40% (YES) of what I earn for the first 3 (!!) months.

Only requirements:
Earning at least 10$/daily
Knows your **** about OGAds, MassPlanner & Instagram.

Kindest Regards,


Everyone is looking for a mentor today :stuck_out_tongue: check here: Growing 2k acc I WILL PAY for help!

Good luck.


I expect more from someone who has earned $100+ a month from CPA. All the information you could possibly need to make money with CPA + IG (FB&Twitter) is on this site right here.

All a mentor would be doing is reading PUBLIC information on this site back to you? He won’t do it for you.

However if you want to pay me to read a few threads for you PM me.


If you can help me set it up, I’d gladly pay.


I can help I’m like a sponge right now soaking up a lot of information from this forum honestly i’d help you for free just add me on skype: fluffybunnyohya