Can such usernames (links) have power?

Instagram allows us to change the username, which may result in a change to a value that has been used before and is mentioned by other accounts (probably in posts and comments).
If we assume that the M / S method works, then setting username to one that was already used should give a better start to the account than a completely new one :slight_smile:
Similarly to buying old domains that already have backlinks :slight_smile:
Does that make sense?

No, sorry it doesnt make sense.

Expired domains are effective because they trick the search engine into thinking it is still the same website.

With Instagram, every account is bound to a userid. Instagram doesn’t really care about the username when it comes to ‘ranking’.

Only way for this to have effect is if the username is caption tagged in a lot of places, but that would only bring in a few profile visits if you’re lucky.

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