Can’t see insights of page

I am not able to see last week insights of followers in my Instagram page I don’t know what happen Can anyone tell?

Hello, try to search for your account from another account, on which information is not displayed. If it is not visible in the search, it means a shadowban. If so, write in a personal, I’ll tell you what can be done.

It is showing from my personal account
Not able to see insights of followers after 26th july

Я понимаю это, вы должны сделать так, как я написал выше, чтобы проверить, находится ли ваша учетная запись в тени, потому что это может быть причиной ваших проблем)

I also don’t see insights since the 26th of july

But i am getting good followers so it’s not shadow ban

Seems to have ceased for all pages since the 26th of July like @maxAUT mentioned. Got no idea why, it’s like they’ve stopped tracking it - you can still view follower insights before July 26th