Can we be blocked if we connect often?

Hi all,

I was wondering if one could get a block just if i logs into my Instagram account very often during the day ? (ten times I think)

thank you for your answer

Well the question is very unspecific. Are logging in from different devices from different IP’s? Is your IP trustworthy, does your account have a high trust-score? Instagram is banning logins from same device ID’s. So if you are trying to log in and out 20 accounts on the same device - that won’t work.

But generally speaking. Logging in and out, should not cause any trouble.

Are you saying that you’re using automation and you would like to log in from your phone as well? The question is not precise?

I don’t know the exact limit, but yes you can get API Block if you log in too many times in a day.

Any unusual not “human” like behaviour can get you blocked and repeated attempts eventually banned.
10 times logging in and out is on the long run not considered “human” like behaviour.
I mean why would one do so?

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I log into my one and only account from my mobile phone.
I don’t have any other accounts and I don’t use automation.
And I never log out of the app I go to the app ten times a day, is it risky?

If you’re just opening the app 10 times, that’s fine.

To be honest, that’s probably way less than the average Instagram user

thank you for your answer @EauDeBo I was wondering if opening the application ten times is risky

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yeah of course you will get blocked if you keep login in and out from the account multiple times in a short period, I’m not sure why you would want to do that?

I must honestly say, I don’t understand what you mean. First you say if it’s risky to login 10 times a day. In order to login you need to logout first.
But if you mean just closing you IG app and reopening the IG app again to checkout you instagram profile and interact, WITHOUT logging in and out. Then this is PERFECTLY safe. You can close IG app and Re-open it 1000000900001287 x9999999 times and more to that. Nothing will happen.


Yeah that is without logging out and in. All normal users do that. You can’t keep the app open all the time :smiley:

I guess if you are able to do that you will set some kind of Guinness record and be paid for that hahaha :joy: :joy:

you can open any apps on your phone multiply anytime anywhere nothing can happen they are made for opening and if you are logging in logging out for 10 or more times its obvious its not a human thing you get blocked eg. { if u switch on off regularly having fun with that switch will spark may be get brust } :wink: