Can we drive traffic from tumblr to instagram?

I haven’t tried this but couldn’t we make post on tumblr and link it on ig profile? Don’t know if this will get ig or tumblr ban tho. Anyone tried this?

I am using tumblr blogs as LPs. No problem so far, but I would check with the others who are more experienced on that. Maybe @Johnny and @dddd can help.

Yeah. Not sure what’s the problem. It’s just a blogging platform and tons of people are using it. If OP is concerned then just slap a custom domain there. BAM.

Your title is confusing :slight_smile: Do you want to drive traffic from Tumblr to your IG profile or from IG to your Tumblr blog? :slight_smile:

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I started to use this system, but I got tumblrs banned, not sure if it is because of the affiliate links (shortened by bitly) or anything else.

it’s 100% because of that, read around on the forum they see that immediately.

So it would be better to use the redirect method with password for tumblrs as mentioned here in the forum somewhere?

This is also equally confusing. Are you refering to tumblr banning you or IG banning you?

Refer to Tumblr banning me. So I have tumblr accounts with post with link to Aff Offer shortened by bitly. So I add tumblr link in IG bio, but also other tumblrs link to those accounts.

Somebody said if you bio link to tumblr you should use password and redirect in html to offer so that IG cannot track aff link. So if tumblr bans because of aff link, then this would also work with tumblr linking to these redirected TUMBLR ACCOUNT.ok sounds confusing.
My structure:

IG acount - link to - (password needed, redirect to aff link)
Tumblr account - link to - (password needed, redirect aff link)

So IF IG cannot track this aff link because of the password and thus does not suspend the IG account, the same should be true for tumblr. Thumblr follows form the feeding account, but cannot track the redirect because it would need a password. OR do I miss something?

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Where do you have to put the password in? The cPanel? Do other people have to enter the password to access the link?


Would like to know the same thing… sounds almost like a great idea but if end user has to put in password then that sucks and would make CR in to dog poop

Password locked Tumblr page doesn’t look good on phone, most of traffic these decide especially traffic from social networks is mobile traffic so I wouldn’t recommend you to use this