Can we grow account without M/S in Jarvee?

I am looking to use the jarvee and i am thinking if i can grow account without M/S only by F/UF and likes and comments done by jarvee?

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Some people have success with it. But they have a lot of experience with how to keep the main safe.

i think the only way is mass DMs right now for new users?

The safest method is Phone automated or Manually done F/UF/Like/Comments. With that you cannot go wrong. Yes it does work (20-40 daily new followers is somehow standard).

I would not recomment Jv for simple F/UF due safety reasons though


Main apna instagram account chalana chahati hoon plz help me

Yes it works easy, only the commets put the main account on risk (so better lower them)

The reason behind most accounts doing purely F/UF get blocked is because Instagram detects those sole two actions as a pattern, and IG does not like any pattern as that’s an easy identifier of automation. That’s why we recommend running more tools but with low settings so that it will look like human behavior on IG’s end.

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