Can we please have an Ecommerce forum? :)


Well, creating a category is not hard, the hard part is getting a couple of people that know a lot about the subject and are willing to help the others, which I am not sure we have yet, for this particular topic.


the reason that people are doing IG is because u guyz added IG to massplanner if u add a new forum section people will do it and add their stories and new people will use those stories and post their stories the only thing stopping people from trying E-commerce is because they are in dark and dont understand it well enough
im not doing it for my self ( i cant do e commerce from my country because of us sanctions) but i like to see people trying new stuff other than cpa


If you build it, they will come :wink:


Ok, done : let’s see what you’ve all got :slight_smile:


Haha, just found out you can mention a category, so just wanted to try it here(don’t mind me :smiley: )

The new category is #tools-of-the-trade:e-commerce