Can we please have an Ecommerce forum? :)

I don’t know how many here are in the ecom business, but I think it could be great to have a forum just for Ecommerce marketing tactics with MP and beyond. :slight_smile:
I know I could benefit a lot from it, surely many others as well.

What do you think?

  • That would be great!
  • I don’t think it’s necessary

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I like this idea a nice little place for teespring, shopify and dropshipping questions :slight_smile:


I guess we can create e-commerce category if there’s enough users interested. Let’s see how your poll goes :smiley:


I’m gonna create many users and spam this poll :smiley:

Just kidding, I think it should do fine without :slight_smile:

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Not a bad idea, but yeah, let’s see what the community says, I won’t be able to help much in that section unfortunately as I haven’t done but maybe we have other members with a lot of experience…


9 people voted yes.:rocket::slight_smile:

Very nice Idea, since i’m in dropshipping and using Massplanner :slight_smile:

I see it’s 12, but considering how many members the forum has it’s not that big of a number, will give it a little more time :slight_smile:

My first post :stuck_out_tongue:

I have to agree with this idea, especially if there some members with enough experience of ecom around

I did teepsring and gearbubble for last 3 months with traffic from instagram with massplanner, and I haven’t really get things around mp with all the different sm like fb, pinterest, etc), and cash out maybe about $200-300 from 2 account, but I think that’s just some beginner’s luck

Need to learn a lot on this to scale things up

Thanks :slight_smile:

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I am using gearbubble as well. You create instagram straight with the product image (cooltshirtig for example) or you create influencer account (catlover for example)?

I created niche account, like you said, maybe catlover, doglover, etc, and then try to do quality posts, at first I could just repost something from others, but later when you’re start growing, I think your content should stand out from the others if you want to get real attention, this is maybe the hardest part but if you know your niche well, it will be easy and worth the time that you crafting quality content

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I’m recently trying to get into ecommerce and would find it fascinating to read/learn more about it :smiley:

Right now I’m struggling as it is… Wasting money on Facebook ads and getting no sales :frowning: Just not a good salesman I guess.

We do not need it. There will be full of scammers, no metter what kind of verification you’ll add.
I’m part of many big forums with a market section and they are scammer’s happyland

So for me it’s a BIG NO.

If you want something, the internet will let you find it. Also, we don’t want that social medias get all of our stuff from a single place.

I don’t think OP is talking about a market section. Just a forum for discussing tactics/methods for building an ecom business. So I don’t think you’d have to worry about people getting scammed.

I agree with @samiejg. OP is not referring to the Market Place which we already have :smiley:
OP is referring to a category where they can discuss Ecommerce and how to promote it using Social media.

Yes, please! I’d personally like an e-commerce forum. The potential is huge.

Yeeeee . I want it .

Well. what are we waiting for? :wink:

yup i like your idea
the community has decided
lets see what politicians do

I’m sorry for misunderstanding :frowning:
& why not waiting to have a lot of topics on this subject before creating its own section?
I also run 2 wooCommerce for clients and I would like more discussions on this, but have for a section we need topics :slight_smile:

Create some and well have the section, I’m sure

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