Can we post Albums with bots

Albums have more reach and got me lot of new followers but all of that manually with my phone is there something i can use that will automate for me the process of posting albums on my account ?

It can be done, however I am not sure it can be done in JV. I know of custom bots that can do it at least so yes, it’s possible

I think JV can do it, but it has been a long time since I used JV.

Recently I used, and it does have album features.

(I’m not affiliated to them, but I keep recommending it for whoever asks about automated posting, because their posting feature is really great)

Yeah, you can do this with Jarvee.

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Is the autopost on jv still working now?

It never stopped working, you just have to be using a good IP and account without a low “trust score”.

Just login to the jv? And how about follow unfollow and autolike? Still working? I stop my subs and want tu aub again…

Everything pretty much still works, just tougher limits now from the platforms. For IG you can post multiple images in a single post on Jarvee, but you cannot post a video and image in the same post.

Yep, Jarvee works for that. Either way,you should be careful as Instagram is tense on third party programs being used. Dont forget to use a proxy!