Can we use affiliate discount for dropshipping?

If you read my posts, you will see that I am doing dropshipping. I dropship by selling goods belonging to people that I personally know . While I can get steep discount with that, I want to scale up my dropshipping. Now I want to ask if it is possible to get discount by using affiliate, that is customer buy product from me with normal price. Then I go to real website by using my affiliate link to buy the product with the same price. I wait until the bonus come to me to earn my money. Is this kind of strategy works?? Do advertiser banned this type of practice??

You mean like EPN ? If the site supports it then yes.

Btw, there’s a ecomm subforum.

Ehmm i check their website but i don’t really understand how they differ from other CPA. You mean they allow individual product link?? Or they give me discount when i simply purchase on their website??

And when i click more detail, their language change to russia. I don’t understand russia

I dont quite understand how their busines model works, but its more or less like a rev-share.

User 1 > Their afflink > You get 8% > They get 1%

Something like that.

Cool. Do They accept normal ecommerce website as their affiliate? Do I need to build website first before I register? Can i register without building website?

I think youll get a better answer if you ask in alidropship forum.

Pretty sure you can register as a buyer it works the same although the rate may be different.

Hi, @dddd,
Do you recommend using plugin or is it preferable to manually register to aliexpress??

Also i try to check other CPA website

can I myself click on the link that I get to get the discount??

Does the advertiser banned this kind of action??

Oh hey,

This EPN is pretty nice.

Previously i check the website on mobile. After I check it on desktop, it is good indeed. Are they legit?? I am off to start selling Aliexpress goods

Do you also use EPN??