Can you be shadowbanned just on your ig stories

Hi there,
I am not a professional instagramer but I thought I might find the answerto to my problem here. I have a personal account with 340 followers. My posts get between 35 and 70 likes and up until two days ago my stories got between 80 and 150 views. Suddenly I ‘m struggling to get 20 views! Can you get shadowbanned just on your stories? I read somewhere that if you delete a story several times (which I did with my last story because I wanted it to look better, ig might think you’ re spamming… I s it possible that is what happened? Many thanks for any tips!

the problem is that Instagram began to block the automatic mass views of stories =)


Really? You mean in the last few days? So how do you go about growing the vews organically (which was my case, I’d been working hard to push the views up for a couple of months…) ?

So you don’t think it has anything to do with the fact that I deleted the last couple of stories several times until I thought they looked right?

Of course l it is still a post …all the same rules apply as a feed post

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for me i get blocked for all actions but still can post stories and reply to them

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IG is blocking pretty much everything and everyone that moves…
I was on a full 1 month free block, using mass story watching, JV and 2 days ago IG changed some stuff and good bye…
Full week blocks…
My stories have also gone down in views…
Hopefully it wont last long and we can start going back to normal soon


Yes I can still post stories, that’s not the problem, it’s that the views have gone from 150 to 20 :frowning:

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So you’re saying that my theory that because I deleted the story several times IG labelled me as a spammer is what happened?

No, it’s not that. It’s the lack of automation. Use hashtags and geo tag in every story. It helps a tad :slight_smile:

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@PrisDebI had the exact same thing! So depressing

OK many thanks!

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hell if I know – i don’t know what the story was, nor what it had on it nor of reported by person –

Let me know if the geo tag and hashtag works for you.

Also, have you had an actioon block?
All my accounts have an action block atm… so I think my views went down because of this…

No it was nothing controversial or offensive, it was one of my posts I shared to my story. A guy sitting in the shade and a dog walking past!

No, no action block, but I’m going to try the geo and hashtag and let you know how it goes. I’m still hovering around twenty (when last week it was 150) I’m still wondering about maybe having be labelled as a spammer because I deleted 5 or 6 times trying to get the story (the one before the numbers went down) right. Many thanks for your input!

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then its a glitch – and yes, we gotta pay for their mistakes. not fair, but nor is life. post normal –
but remember a story post is under the same rules as any other post.

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