Can you do 160 follows a day on cheap proxy?

im currently using 4g proxies and doing 160 follows a day on average on my accounts.
im wondering if anyone has had succes with cheaper proxies and if so what proxies?

Proxies are only one parametre of many. At the end the trustscore of each and every account is different.

But 160 f/uf is indeed doable. My experience tells me that anything below 200 f/uf should be possible for anyone with some decent settings even with dc proxies or cheaper as you ask.

Yes, you can find here and there some people that use DC proxies with a good amount of actions, reaching (or almost) daily limits. You know it’s DC proxies, but if you want to know which providers you should better try different yourself, as i don’t think someone will share their providers (which is normal).

Cheap proxies are easy to find, but maybe try adding more accounts on your current 4G proxies and see if you can reach your numbers.
We have customers who have 15+ IG accounts running on one 4G proxy. Just need to get the Nightmode and Rotations settings right… Then you can add even more :wink:
And then… divide your 4G proxy price by the nr of accounts to get the per account price :thinking:

But can all 15 accounts reach 200 follows + unfollows per day with that setup? Right now it is not so simple, at least with Mother/Child as you cannot do Follows in blocks of 15 anymore

Good question… so you would run each block of accounts for 8hrs, each block with 5 accounts. That would get you 15 accounts on one 4G proxy in 24hrs.
Rotations synchronized every 8hrs giving you a new 4G iP each time.
I guess it depends on how much you can get done in 8hrs.

Ah yes, I did try that before. Unfortunately doesn’t work for our setup much as API botting is much different to EB botting nowadays. But good for people who run clients on EB!

I beg to differ. Lets say I run a lot more than that on a 4g proxy

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And each child account hits 200 follows per day with API?

I keep to 150 and never use api

I see, so you are using more of the ‘Client account on EB’ type strategy? For me my child accounts were getting 7 day hard blocks on EB. API is almost flawless with action blocks. Interesting to know you’ve found a way around the EB with childs.

Ive had some of my child accounts for 6 months so yeah I treat them well so they last long. I get no issues with EB once I figured out how to warm up properly.

Proxies and account quality also helped heaps

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All below 200 per day should be doable. But on a cheap proxy to hit continuously 160 follows per day and not face any issues you gotta have a great account, with an awesome trust score and to respect all the safety precautions.

How many scrapers are you using per child account?

Yes, IPv6 :evergreen_tree: