CAN YOU GET BANNED FOR THIS: Replying to messages with a the same link on multiple accounts?

I market an affiliate offer through Facebook Group spamming.

Quick intro to my process:

Post offer in 30 to 40 groups in account. Next day open account in browser and review all messages. Reply to serious inquires with an explanation/sales script of the product and then the landing page link.

My question is, can I use the same exact landing page link on multiple accounts without them getting banned? Currently I am directing through my personal landing page and then to the affiliate offer. My landing page URL is from, so it reads something like: Because 40 or 50 thousand people also use onlinesalespro for landing pages I am sure that the main domain is posted a thousand times a day on Facebook. The subdomain however is unique to my account with OSP, and the ending to the URL is unique to the specific landing page.


I can see your link getting blocked for a day or 2. But not banned even if 40k-50k ppl also use it. (ex. clickfunnels link can get blocked) What i recommend is to have about 30 interchangeable links hadn’t had a problem since.

Ok thanks SwagWaffle, that is good news.

Is each of your 30 links a different domain with a redirect?

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No, FB will follow the redirect and treat it as the same domain for each link.

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it won’t if its an LP with submit button

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