Can you get fined/jail for sending mass messages on Instagram?

Hey guys, as you all know , sending mass emails(email spam) you can get fined for that , because its not legal.

Does the same applies to sending mass DM’s on Instagram? Or you can spam all world on Instagram with mass DM’s and you won’t get in trouble with the law?

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I dont think so for today at least, they have limits and action blocks for this issues atm

I wouldn’t say that. If IG sees your behavior (and the avoidance of their regular security measures) as worthwhile enough, they are known to prosecute when possible. Though, the chance is pretty slim for normal operations.

In other words, keep it all under some safe and non-aggressive limits and you should be fine.

Yeah. Possibly if you run a massive operation with your own proxy farm thats easily trackable, have a website that explicitly says what you are doing then you may get a warning.

Yes, I agree with heroeslair