Can you go Viral with stories

Does story can get to an explorer page is there some tricks so other people rather than just your follower see your stories ?

Hi there, yes kind of, if you can make good stories and put some hashtags on it you’ll probably get like 50k - 100k story views which will bring you hell a lot of followers.

And how do you make it you just put simply hashtags on story that’s it it will be looked little spammy

you can hide the hashtags in the story

Yes but how just make same color of the background right ? And how can i do it on a bot ?

Yes, also by shrinking, adding a sticker on top, etc. I don’t think it’s possible to do it with a bot.

You can also hide them beneath a picture
and yes as the others have pointed out, it is somewhat possible but don’t expect huge results

So you think that’s the only way to have big reach with story ?

So bots are not enough to grow accounts i thought some people can grow only by using bots ?

I don’t really understand how hashtags for stories work. Stories don’t have engagement like posts so how does the IG algorithm determines what stories are worth showing to other people.

Go now in your phone click or search for a active hashtag click on it and click on the image of the hashtag you gonna see many story content on it

It depends on the time people spend viewing the story
This is the criteria for IG to decide whether the story is high quality or not

If people skip your story it will be ranked lower


Well, if you want to get out the most of it you need to be interacting and do some things manually, growing with bots only is possible (it gets harder every day tho) but not the most sufficient way

And tell me how ? no possibility to dm a dm group,no way to use hashtag on story,lower reach as instagram see that you’re using only a bot to grow your account,robotic action no human action that liw trust score…

That’s not true. How to determine if Instagram Story is good?

  1. The time spent watching the story
  2. If there were any zoom-ins made
  3. Percentage of amount of followers who watched your Story
  4. Percentage of users who visited your Profile after watching the Story AND Percentage of users who engaged with your Story (replied to the Story, engaged with the pool, question, quizz)
    And other few impotant factors.
    Combine all those things so you can determine if the story can go viral or not

Cannot agree more! Stories have ER like any other post or IGTV.


I don’t think that this factor is the most important. Instagram is against any botting activity (trying to find against the spam in most cases), so they know that automated software (such as JV) is capable of watching full stories. So if we put any Instagram account into JV and start watching stories of other people (using Story View tool) - then it will watch full stories, and that is not a very important indicator to determine if the story is high quality or not since the bot can watch any stories fully, even if it’s a very low quality account (spam) or not. Sure, skipping stories to fast is a good indicator, but there are other more important indicators that determine the quality of the Story post.

Before i used to have constantly 2k views on my story, just from the hashtags (with an account less than 10k followers),

Now IG must have changed something in the hashtags stories : i barely dont reach anything. Like a or 2 people. I used to put 4 or 5 hashtags, now more than 1 doesnt work

Hmm… Makes sense

your followers have to watch your story to go viral on hashtags that’s the only requirement it just has to be more then everyone else on the story and the time of the story being posted to get on there when I was using hashtags in stories this is the way I got on the story hashtags

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