Can you lose instagram verification

I use a stage name on IG and am verified, if I changed my username to my real name would I lose my verification?

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No but you can lose verification if you don’t have enough PR.

I don’t think you would lose the verification if you made those changes.

If you change your username, you will lose your checkmark.

Got a source? Getting different answers in this thread…

if you change your username you will lose the tick

but name should be fine

It’s my first time hearing about this. What do you mean by not having enough PR? Do IG really check each verified account after some time and remove the verification if there are not many new articles about the user?

I don’t think you will lose your tick but I’m not 100% sure you should ask users that have been through that maybe Alexnvo

Theoretically Instagram can remove the tick but they are not going to do that. I‘ve never heard of that happening.
You are not going to lose the tick when you change the username. Simply because you cannot change your username once you have it. You can only do that by contacting Instagram support. The app itself won’t let you change it

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Probably the best way would be to try to contact Instagram and not guess, since probably your profile has too much value for you. The perfect situation would be if you would get a reply from someone who actually had the same situation :smiley:

You can change your name, and everything else, but not your Instagram handle.
The fact that you have PR on your name or not doesn’t matter. You won’t lose the verification for that.

@socialgain You can change the name by yourself even when you are verified. I was not sure after reading your comment but I just checked on my personal account (which is verified) and the option is available.

In the past you couldn’t. A pop up would say you need to contact Instagram Support to change your username. And I did change two verified profile names by doing that. It was a nightmare though to contact them.
Now I am getting a pop up saying „because you have high reach we might need to verify your new username. If not, it will change right away“.
So that seems to be an improvement :slightly_smiling_face:

We have a service where we can change the username on our end using our media support

So if I contact them and explain I want to use my real name they might change it and let me keep verification?

They removed my friends one he has 300k followers due to not enough PR. He is in the entrepreneur niche

I think that would be the best choice that you can do to avoid having your badge taken from you, contact them and see how it goes, even tho contacting IG about something is like contacting the president of the united states :joy: :joy: :joy: