Can you not view all followers on a account/?

I have a 900k follower page source and its already saying can’t find new followers(no filter) at 4k followed.

If you are using Jarvee, please contact the support from here and they will help you with this issue.

Is it a recent issue? Since I also face some problems finding enough users although my filter settings are quite loose.

Check to make sure your scrapers are making calls. New limits.

i have 100 active scrapers rn …

I have the same issue and I’m not abble to figure out why

Check to see what is happening on your scrapers. Go into the scrapers summary and look for any errors. ONe of which is the “please wait” which is the annoying new one.

Then go into eb and see if the account can login. If it cannot then and says “cannot connect” then its most likely a bad proxy provider or too many api calls on that ip at that time.

For me it says that search took more than 20 minutes and is aborted after passing like 250 users. Which is strange because I have super low filters.

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Are you using the same source for multiple accounts? I had that issue when I shared sources a lot.

Yes I have a list of 90 account sources split on 40 slaves. But there are also big accounts - still every source seems to be aborted after 20 mins.

I have had this issue a few times. I think its to do with jarvee having to look all over the other accounts to see where it got upto. So of the others are following the same source accounts it has to check for ones that aren’t.

Otherwise its usually a proxy, scraper issue. Have you seen the ‘error please wait’ issue?

So I just need to split sources more and maybe add some others like hashtag / geo tag?

Can’t see any please wait error in my dashboard.

Go into some of your proxies EB and try login. If it says error cannot connect then its the proxy issue.

Yeah I break mine into 10 sources per group and have the low fbr ones get deleted.

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Proxies are fine, can login on any account - also scrapers. Will try to change my sources :slight_smile:

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On verified business accounts you can all see the last new followers since a few days - check on ig and click on followers of you can see all there

No something is def up and its not sources. All my accs suddenly have the same “took more than 20 minutes” msg.

Tested changing sources to huge generic pages such as instagram, kimkardashian, nike etc with no filter. Also swapped around proxies, reset device IDs, restart jarvee etc.

Nothing. Prob need some Jarvee update

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Thank god, thought I was the only one. I just stopped all accounts since I can’t get it running either.

Guess we’ll need to wait :smiley:

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yes, the scrapers are fine . my proxies arent even lagging and the sources are just scraping for 25 mins and “search took more than 20 mins”


glad its not just me. hope they didn’t update and ruin ig more. i found a good 900k source in my small niche. was getting 40% follow back.

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40% - holy shhhh

yeah…personal account so that might be reason. if you include the followers to the main . about half will follow my main after a few days… hope this gets figured out. ITs annoying that it stopped after 2k(maybe 4k? ) followers with no filters.

prob would dropped to 10-15% but still! perfect account . got a bunch of snapchat adds and sales from it.

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