Can you put more than 20 accounts per proxy just for commenting?

hi guys,
I would like to know, do you think I can put more than 20 accounts per proxy just for commenting 1 post a day for 1 account ?
I want to increase engagement but i dont want to buy lot of proxies just to have slaves who comment a post.

thanks a lot

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Hi @urika00 that really depends of the proxies you are using and accounts you would like to connect but as for experience as an automator myself, I would not recommend connecting more than 10 main accounts per one proxy. Some even go for 5 accounts only. If they are scraper accounts, you can go for 100 accounts though. But again, it really depends. You can do some tests to see how your accounts will react.


If you have a proxy with static IP I would not recommend this, because all of your accounts will use the same IP and will create a behavior pattern, which basically will create a link between your accounts.

If you are using a rotating proxy, such as residential or 4G mobile proxies, you can schedule your accounts to comment after every IP rotation. In this way, you will avoid any correlation between your accounts because every account will have different IP.

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thanks a lot guys for your respons :slight_smile: im gonna try and let you know the max :slight_smile: I use 4G so yes rotating is very smart :slight_smile:

Watch out for those subnets with IG

Personally I would go much lower than 20. Comments are used often as spam so IG will reign terror faster than follows and likes.

Only way to run 20 is to trigger the rotation after each Comment and obviously not comment too much. Also having great spintax on the comments and not using the same handle to tag is a must.

Yes, avoid making any patterns and that includes having a pattern on the comment text itself. So you can set up a complex spin syntax so there’s a lower possibility that the accounts will generate the same comments (see Spin Syntax for a guide).

You may want to comment on other posts as well so that it’s not that obvious that you are only focusing on 1 specific post. Also, don’t forget to have other actions on those 20 accounts so as to look normal.

20 is way above limits, even 10 is stretching it a bit , to be safe do a max of 5