Can you recommend any Good shoutouts websites for my 20k insta account?

I have a personal account in online gaming niche that has 20k followers, never get a penny out of it, the auditory is pretty active. So the best way to monetise is to do a shoutouts, but where can I find users to do it automate way? Can you guys recommend some shoutouts platform where I will be able to sell my posts(shoutouts?)

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Google is your friend. There are many websites, for example “”. I think its one of the most popular ones.

Besides that you have to think who needs a shoutout so bad and want to grow as hell. Think outside the box. Reach out for gaming YouTubers with medium reach (500-10.000 followers) and contact them via YouTube or their Instagram page. Reverse engineering really helps Bro.


How much you looking for per shout out?

yeap, thank you. but unfortunately I’m not able to work directly with the person and I need:
“person who need a shoutout” > marketplace > me and my post.
Because of transferring $ problems, thats why I asked for the recommendation. Otherwise I would do exact what you have write(Reverse engineering)

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some bucks, I don’t know the actual price that I can ask for my post yet, because I didn’t sell shoutouts before.

Look at the engagement your posts are getting and compare with other profiles that are doing the same as you (selling shoutouts). Then you will have a good number where to start from your own calculation and prices.

Here’s my list of different sites:

  • Shoutcart
  • Plughype
  • Jumpfame
  • Buy sell shoutouts
  • Fiverr – here you will have to list your shoutout service and wait for other people to contact you

On top of these you can also manually research businesses that are smaller than yourself, in the same niche and contact them asking if they would like a shoutout.


20k followers is a pretty small account, but you can try different websites. A fair price for a shoutout is usually 1$ per 1k followers, but of course it depends on the engagement your account gets as well.

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is your account related to all games or only one game ?

It was related to one game, but lately its one genre now , was PUBG, now BattleRoyales.

I will be happy to start from 5$ per post. Before I start this thread I thought it would be SUPER to gain 100$ per month out of it.

  • of course if I would work on it grow - it will grow alongside with time. ( 20k its the number at the moment).
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if most of your audience are pubg fans then contact pubg tournaments accounts and ask them if they need a shoutout.there are also some people selling phone cases with pubg image,try contacting them too

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do you want me to do the reverse engineering there?) Good choice btw.

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go for the tryhards ^^