Can you send 1000+ visitors per day from Facebook?

Hey guys,

anyone here who can send more than 1000 visitors from Facebook to our landing page?

I have created with a friend of mine a (white hat) offer, and we’re in the last phase where we are testing every single detail in our sales funnel and rewriting some copy.
After the launch and after getting some reviews (already working hard on that) we want to scale this as much as possible.

Targeting can be really, really wide and with just a little bit of thinking and looking for different angles this offer will make wonders in a combination with our funnel and with follow-ups.

So, if you have that kind of “power” feel free to contact me.

Can anybody answer this??

you and the guy who posted this are the same ???

Nope , but i could really use an answer , MY IG botting isn’t getting enough traffic cheaply to my CPA offers , i am thinking of farming 10+ FB accounts daily to run some nutra/crypto @arlind14

sending traffic from facebook nowadays is hard, cause the reach on pages is very low