Can you take a look at my campain? Thanks!

Hi guys, I started a new ad (Traffic Campain - View langing page). It seems that i get many clicks for pretty cheap and the CTR is high however I am not getting sales. Website was done professionaly and seems trustworthy, I wonder if I should change anything in this Campain or maybe because it’s running for only 3 days I should wait little longer? (5$ a day).

Thanks in advance!!

You already gave the answer yourself :wink:

It sounds strange, but Facebook knows who clicks on everything or who actually buys things. You asked Facebook for the first kind of clicks.


Hey Dimitri, Thanks for your help, I appreciate that.

However, the product never got any kind of sale, so I don’t have an option to do conversion for purchase but i can do conversion for “Add to cart” Would that work?

I also understood until the pixel is not strong enough the converstion campain will be weak (Or I may be mistaken).

Again, thanks for your help!

The more data on your pixel the stronger your campaign should be. You are correct.

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Let’s say I get 200 sales from Instagram Influencers, would that help to my campaign?

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Yes if you get 200 sales say you have a 2% conversion rate you can take that data from your pixel and use it in your campaign