Cannot create Instagram account with .co email

This is a really weird bug that I just encountered and I’m wondering if anyone else had the same happen before. I just tried creating a new Instagram account on the app with an email account that ends with .co (NOT .com) and while it’s clearly written as .co in the email field vs. .com, the next step says that the creation email was sent to There is no way to edit this, so basically it’s impossible to create an account on the app with a .co email address.

Did you check your .co email inbox to see if you receive an email from Instagram? Maybe it’s just a display issue.

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I checked that but unfortunately it’s not the case. It’s honestly extremely bizarre that the app can’t process .co emails for sign up. I mean you’d think with a multi-billion dollar company this wouldn’t be an issue but… and you can’t even inquire with them because they don’t have a support system.

This is one of the cases that clearly shows how important good customer support is for a business.
Have you tried creating IG accounts with Jarvee? I mean this is only one of the features that Jarvee has if you haven’t tried it yet.

I want to create this account on the app directly (not even the browser), so will have to create it with a phone number now.

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