Cannot Get Customers To Start Free Trial For IG Management

Hey, I am trying to start an IG growth and marketing agency but I cannot get potential clients to start a free trial. I use FB ads to get my clients and send them to a page where they submit their info to start a free trial but for some reason when I receive the information they want to start a free trial and reply to them telling them we can do what they need us to do they do not reply to me.

I have had about 20 inputs to start a free trial but they do not reply to the message I send them afterwards and somewhat disappear. Please help me.

I think the problem is the free trial itself, I banned it altogether and am now offering a 7-days trial for $5 (want to increase to $20). Why charging for trial? Because you don’t want to have “clients” who don’t take your service seriously and are not ready to pay after the trial. With a free trial you attract the wrong type of people who will probably sign up for a free trail because its FREE and will never respond.


With Paypal you can make subscribe buttons with for example a 1 week trial for $1. After that the normal amount for each month will be charged automatically.
At least after applying they have to do something, else they will be charged the full amount 1 week later.

Also, that first $1 step of commitment is important.


How’s this going? Solved?

Also, when I used to offer IG Growth services getting on a Skype call to discuss their needs and goals made it way easier to work with them afterwards.

If their lifetime value is big for you, then consider scheduling a quick diagnostic intro call to help them get set up so they hit the ground running.

DON’T OFFER FREE TRIALS!!! It’s a waste of time and money. If you read through the forums, conversion rates are really bad and it’s just more problems that you’ll have to deal with vs the value of these potential clients. Also, a lot of users just jump from one provider to another doing free trials. Completely pointless and a waste of time, but I read it everywhere.

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