Cannot login after receiving sms instagram: "We cant to sent a link to this number because of your security settings. Insert your username or your email"

Hello everyone, i finally fixed the problem with the sms recieving, but now, once i write the code i recived in the sms (after doing password reset procedure) nothing happens. Literally, i press “Continue” and still blocked there, like nothing is happening, the account isnt banned. What should i do?

Another error which happens on some devices is this one:

It says “We cant to sent a link to this number because of your security settings. Insert your username or your email”.

I tried with both username and phone number and isnt working tho.

Other users have complained with not being able to enter the codes a few days back, I guess IG still has issues on their end.

try to stop verifying for 1-2 days and try again after and see how it goes.

Thats what i did, and thats the result :C

I think they don’t like the IP from where you are verifying the account try to assign a 4g proxy to that account then re-verify it again after a few days and see how if goes

Already did that too, but still happening…

did you test when changing both IP/proxy and the device as well?

Have you tried using a different device for verifying an account?

If i change the ip nothing changes, if i change the device i get the link, but one i click it, it redirects me to the login page without allowing to reset the password.


What do you mean for “verifying an acount”?

well, that’s weird I would say stop trying for at least a week then try to verify the account using new device and IP and that might work.

Ill try that so… in case it doesnt work ill open another thread

hey i am facing same issue if your issue is solved then please guide me how?

Have you solved the problem ? I am having same issue … my device crashed now trying with a new device

Iam also facing same problem any one fixed please reply

Same here u tried in laptop and i reciev the sms from laptop but dont wirk link just redirect me to login page