Cannot login! help please

Hi! Ive started managing an account of a friend of mine but im having some serious problem in logging inn…

He changed the password and he can easily login but if i try to do that on other devices ig says that the pasw is not correct…ive made him change the psw other 3 times and the problem doesnt change…he can log in…i cannot.

Have u ever had a problem like that in the past?
First time for me so i really don’t know what should i do!

Thank you and have a good one!

Sounds like an IG issue.

What kind of proxy is it on?

You can try having him log in on chrome on a desktop, get the cookies with an extension, and import the cookies and that session into JARVEE. That might allow you to have it valid on the EB. Maybe that will allow you to verify.

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Hi @wortime

Ive bought my proxies from BestProxy!
Im in Italy and im using a proxy from Zurich Switzerland!

Thank you for the help!
Ill let u know!

Oi. Don’t use a datacenter proxy.

Put him on a fresh profile and a residential or mobile. It’s no guarantee either way.


Thank you! :sunglasses:

From what I see around the forum, it could be a login loop. But you stand the best chances with what I’ve mentioned.

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I had the same issue like you with 1 client. I think it’s ig’ bug. Never happen before

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oh god

onemore 1 client had same issue @.@ Still try another way but no success

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Wait 24h, Instagram isn’t working properly last 24h.

Relax and try tomorrow :laughing:


Had the same problem a few times, the only solution is waiting 24 hours or enable password saving and then retry until instagram lets you log in.

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Did you solve it Ettore?

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NO nothing!
Ill wait more

still not able to log in!!

Have u got some news?