Cannot login IG accounts on iPhone

Have been trying to login into my IG account on my iPhone X but am always getting the error that there was an error with my login request. Tried to log in with different accounts (all valid) but not possible. Always the same red error message. Last try was to disable my IG account for 2 days. But that also did not help.

Looks like my iPhone is IG blocked. Is there anybody out there who knows how to solve this issue?

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First time hearing this. Switch to android :smiley: just joking.
Maybe @HenryCooper or @dma0245 can help. I heard they’re using 100s of accounts on phones and doing everything manually.

Did you try reinstalling the app?


Thank you for mentioning me @adnan. But i only use android phones.

@wortime is the Apple expert i thought.

@Larsometer Did you tried to reinstall the app, clean the cache?



@Adnan and @dma0245 have reinstalled the app several times + cleaning cahce and manually disabled the acc for a few days. Nothing helped. However always (besides when I disabled it) and still having access to the account in the browser and other “tools”. Just on my iPhone I cannot log into any IG account (tried different ones).
Funny thing is that I can open IG on my iphone’s browser. Just with the IG app there is no way to log into any account. Contacted IG support… but they always refer to their help site where this problem is not described.

Did you tried it on a friends phone?

@dma0245 yes, logging in from friends iphone was possible without any problem. Seems like my device is blocked. But how can I unblock it? I dont want to root my iphone and change the device ID.

So in case anyone reads this… Don’t reset your iphone and then reinstall your backup. That does not help. While resetting and using your iphone as a new “device” Instagram login will work again. I was very happy about this for some minutes. However once the backup is restored IG app somehow notices it. So I could not log into any IG account again. Really frustrating. Now am hoping that the device ban is just temporary…

Try toggling your airplane mode on and off so you can get a fresh IP

Did that but was not working. Only resetting the iphone worked. But once I installed my old backup IG refused to sign me in. Really horrible. So somehow the IG app on the iPhone is retrieving information about the user.

Dude im getting the same error!

The problem started when I reinstalled IG… I tried logging back into 2 of my business accounts and I keep getting the error “there was an error with my login request” . I could login to my personal account but not with my 2 business accounts. I don’t even automate them. I think IG blacklisted my phone or something… ive never seen this.

PS: I can login on web browser, but not on my phone.

@bossofig Yes seems like same/similar case. Setting back the phone to factory settings helped. But who wants that… Hope finally someone has found a solution. Searched the hole net and so far have not found anything that worked. Some say that you need to wait a few months… But… 1 week taking away the heroine is a super cold turkey.

LOL. In addition, why do you have to install backup then? Start from fresh with Cloud

Did you fix the problem with your device?

@Slavko No could not solve it. Nothing of the above worked. Now am rarely using IG on my phone and if I do I use the phone browser.

I had the same problem, but it kind of resolved with just turning on/off the airplane mode.

@slavko I tried that many time but did not work. I cannot login with any account on my iphone in the IG app.

I also got device banned on my iphone. Can’t clear the app cache without jailbreaking the phone.