Can't approve follow requests

Good morning,
I recently came across this forum and thought I could find help here.
About 3 months ago when changing from a public account to a private account I received a message that is visible on the screen. Since then, when I change to a private account and for example I will get 1000 people who ask to accept it as before after switching to the public they all accepted themselves, so now everything disappears, as if there was never such a request.
I tried to accept manually to see what the limit is, then at 40-60 people I could not go any further and the blockade kept me almost all day before I could accept more people.
I read on Instagram that when it changes often from private to public and vice versa, you can get such a blockade. However, they did not write when it will be removed. I tried to contact Instagram, but you also know that answers from them can not be obtained. I searched various forums, but no one offered any solution.

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Thats is so weird why it show double cancel there?
Is it BUG?
because it never happen to me when i change from private to public.

Question is, how often do you switch from public to private?

they started this back in January. Can’t change to often or this happens.

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This is an old screen that I found on the internet. I have Instagram in Polish, because she is a citizen of mine and that’s the language I use everyday. For your convenience, I wanted to do everything in English. As recently I tried to set it, I always had “Set account as private” and “cancel”

I have not done this in the last two months. Earlier it happened that I even did several times a day. I thought that every time I do it, it accepts only 50 requests, not all, as it waits.

I know it now, but I can not find a solution anywhere. They also did not deign to write how much this blockage can take.

there is no solution. Gotta wait till the ban is over. Can be a few days to weeks.

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Instagram applied these limitations back then to stop people from gaming private accounts because Private accounts aren’t for mass followers
I’ve heard that It works if you don’t accept requests for 4-5 days … and don’t shift public to private vise a versa … mean no more swipe limitations can be removed .

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I am now for 2 months on a business profile. If I would like to go to a private profile now, do I have to swap and wait 4-5 days before accepting any request? Later, do not change to a public profile, right?

Hello, do u find a solution? Im in the same problem

I had to wait and it disappeared by itself.
After about 2-3 months I just changed and it was fine.

is there any fix i’ve had it for a month and a half now i can only accept 100 requests every 24 hr

it’s been a month and a half and i’ve been on private for a month and a half i can only accept 100 requests per day

did u find a solution ? i can only accept 100 per day

There seems to be no solution other than waiting. You can clear the cache, uninstall and reinstall the app, change the password, and just wait 2 months without trying.
It seems to me that if you try at least once then everything restarts and you have to wait again.

I did it and it’s normal now.

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