Can't bypass phone verification on FB

Hi, I would like to access my FB account, however, I don’t have access to the phone number which is listed anymore.

So I don’t have an option to bypass this.

I submitted the "phone verification form’ on FB (and so did my friend, he has the same problem and hasn’t heard from anyone. It’s been 2 weeks since he has submitted that form).

I tried to buy the number back, it’s impossible also.

Does anyone have any suggestions?

Try yourself from time to time. I’ve many dead accounts like that, sometimes it bypass verification on lucky day. I got access to few accounts like that but it’s very rare chance(able to recover 0-1 account per 3-5 month). If you’ve bot like Jarvee, then add it to it, and try to login automatically from time to time. If you’re lucky enough then you will get it back.

More chance to get it back, if you follow below steps.

  • Use similar IP for login, for example if you’ve used vodafone network, then stick with them.
  • Stick with same device for login.
  • Stick with same browser, they might have stored some cookies, FB will not allowed you to enter in your account with old cookies, but still it gives them some hint.
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Try to contact FB ads support:

hey @ossi :slight_smile: This way you can ask about other accounts and they are willing to help? This is a nice trick :slight_smile:

People do this all the time for their IG accounts, with little results.
People did it so much, FB raised the minimum spend for Ads from 5$ to 25$ (iirc) before you have access to the chat feature.

It’s very unlikely that they offer support outside of their scope (Ad Support) and will stick to their Knowledge Base/Canned responses

Damn I followed these steps and just like you say, I can’t even click on the support button.

@TheTinaDahmen maybe this is because of the info that @schoko mentioned, that you need to spend certain amount on ads before you can use the chat feature.

Realistically It will not be easy