Can't edit a post caption

I wanted to change the caption of a post that is already 3k likes but I culdn’t. wat’s the limitations on editig posts?*

Are you promoting the post (ad)? You will have to stop the promotion and delete it before you can edit it in this case.


why is this? how do instagram make the differance?

I don’t get you? What do you mean?

in fact instagram give me a error message if i try to edit the caption now.

Are you sponsoring or boosting the post?

I think this is because of their current update and hopefully not because of the Facebook Hack.


Then they will not let you update the caption.

You need to stop sponsoring. Then DELETE the campaign. Then you will be able to edit it.

It’s now fixed… maybe a bug … tanks anyway !

“your edits weren’t saved please try again”

Experienced this on two accounts.
Reported it via the app,
It went back to normal.

Do you mean you edited via a third party app or deleted before repost?

Is it possible to edit a post text on IG? I’m looking through the EB and not seeing an option to…