Can't enter verification code on IG

Hello there. a weird situation with IG.
Please have a look:
After solving a captcha, it won’t let me enter the verification code (sms arrives).

This is 1 of the screens leading to nowhere, there were also different “bugged” screens which don’t do anything after entering the code. Did anyone encounter this kind of behavior and was able to solve this? Thanx.

Yes, this is happening to me. Not good, I imagine its a bug though considering you cant solve via real mobile phone, and so i imagine it will be fixed soon by IG. They released quite a big update yesturday which affected a few things.

Same problem here. Also, the weird part is, the account on which they asked me for verification is my personal account, so suspicious activity my ass. Reddit is full of people with the same problem too. No one can verify.

The sad part is that the account is currently disabled / profile can’t be visited until it gets sorted out

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It’s most likely a BUG, everyone is experiencing it at the moment.

Same here.
Can you share a link to the post on reddit?


I am in the same boat.