Can't find clients to grow their instagram accounts!

So I have a page in the football niche with 85k followers and I havent been able to make money with shoutouts ( idiots always spam me trying to get a free shoutout as a “brother” and annoy my ass rarely do I find ppl interested).

So I’ve decided to start offering ppl to grow their accounts. I set up GMT2 to send DMs to people in some hashtags (like #onlineshopping and #influencer) but I cant land any client.

Could somneone help land clients?

Growing IG accounts is over-saturated at the moment so you need to know what you are doing to make some money. Sending a couple of DMs isn’t enough.

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You can’t just randomly pick a hashtag send out DMs and hope for the best. You need to more qualify your targets.

I’d rather send out 50 quality picked DMs a day than 5000 random hashtag picked ones. Sure it’s more work but if you want to land clients you need to put in the effort. Personally I don’t even use DMs to drum up new business. People get spammed so much in DMs for various things I find a lot of people simply ignore them for an extended period.


I sometimes check my DM’s and there is so much B.S in them with people trying to get attention I am sure most are numb to the spam. Will probably take some slick advert to right people to get the biz.

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DM’s for marketing are tough because you will typically go to people’s other inbox anyways… and its spammy. My advice would be to start with automated email drip sequences using or a similar service. Scrape emails from somewhere (preferrably IG or somewhere else you can gather info), and start sending out some personalized sequences. Just be careful not to send out more than 50 or so a day or you will start going to spam. Test your subject lines and bodies with a lot of variances to make sure you are going into the inboxes and not spam…that is key. Then get yourself a calendly link so they can schedule a time to talk right from the email :slight_smile: If you have a decent website that is branded pretty well, you will get a few more clients for sure this way if you are consistent.

The other option is pick up the phone and start cold calling… its a bit*h but you call 100 businesses a day and I guarantee you will get a few clients out of that too if you get good on the phone and learn how to pitch it. Also just walking into local businesses worked for me early on too! That’s how I went from 0-100 clients in 2 months.


That’s why it’s called hustling, not DM’ing and sitting around.

Start manually scraping emails from business accounts in your geographic area and email them your pitch. Show your account as proof.


Print business cards as a digital marketer/social media strategist/social media expert (whatever title you’d like to give yourself) start going door to door and actually talk to business owners.



Try to think outside the box!

You know what can help? Find some entrepreneur minded friends, go have a beer with them for a brainstorm session.

DONT tell them anything about all the client aquisition methods you find here. Tell them what you want to sell, what your unique selling points are. Then ask them to brainstorm 10 ideas how they would go for getting clients!



The problem is that people rarely reply to emails :confused:

email spam is not thinking outside the box!


Find the right customers and put a good pitch email together that shows you have actually done some research on them and understand their needs / account / business.

It’s amazing how much better the response will be when it hits the right customer with personalized information.

A sales pitch should always show that you understand the customers specific needs, what you can do for them and how you have done it for others in the past.

Picking up the phone after sending a couple of emails is also good, it’s not fun but it is still the most effective sales method out there.

We use DMs to introduce ourselves and get a contact email address, this works very well and has a great return rate. It works because you are not directly selling to them but taking the effort to ask how you should sell to them.

Good luck!

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showing your account as proof or others youve done for free is KEY. I’m not going to hire you to grow my IG or help me with social media if you suck at social media yourself. haha

Adding value first, and asking for business second, is the absolute key in everything… Hopefully if you add enough value in the right way, you won’t even have to ask. Another really great way locally is to get decent at photography/videography and just going to local businesses/establishments, create awesome content, then ask for someones contact to share it with as you have no other purpose for it and its free for them… builds AMAzing relationships out of nothing


Bro that calendly idea is GENIUS!


I actually get a pretty good cold email response rate. Do a ton of testing and content revisions…find a mail service that allows A/B testing and work from there.

I actually came up with an ingenious way to find new prospective leads tonight…not going to share yet until I know if it’s actually fruitful and I’m sure I’m not the first person to think of it but I’ve never seen the strategy shared. It’s stupid easy too and a very good opener. If it works though it’ll be an easy approach for anyone trying to do this.

Being Easter weekend though I’m holding off on reaching anyone until Monday or Tuesday and will report back if I have any luck.

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if you wanna make money with an account on football niche you can try sport affiliate programs,they pay for the number of visitors you send to them.I know 2 sport affiliate programs but dont know if its allowed to post them here ??

Hey was going back through this thread. How is that new lead generation method working for you? I’m interested to hear what you’ve got.

I imagine a time related niche here would be to pick up the clients that have given up their subscription in the turbulent past few weeks and are hoping for a better one?

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Maybe with IG cracking down so much there should be more opportunity now