Cant get costumers on client management


I been trying over two weeks to get customers for client management
I promote myself on Instagram, I have Instagram account with 10k followers of local(not fake), few pictures with Instagram tips.

i sent dm in my language so i translate to you …

**Hello, **
**i notice that your page is very good but grow very slowly, **
**i would like to offer you our instagram promote service, **
that will bring you more followers, more likes, and your brand will be more known, you like more details?

if they say yes(some of them only see and not answer)
i send them this

we promote be the best promoting technique that there’s now, we will insrace your follower’s amount and likes.

i dm only businnes with low followers amount …
what you can suggest me?


Not sure who your trying to market to but if they are from the US you will need to work on your grammar somewhat.

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Hi lol, they not on usa they are on my country :slight_smile:
i only transalte so you understand

How much are you charging? Does your page look legit? Having legit followers doesn’t matter if they go to your first post and see that it’s 1 month old.

yes very legit, look very good actully …
i think maybe something with what i saying, becous the most of the time dont answer to the second/third msg

and like 85% of the dm not even seen …

i can teach you how to sell bro :slight_smile: pm me when you have time

How long is “over two weeks”- is it three weeks?

Everyone is spamming DMs with these services. I get like 10 DMs a day on my IG network of people offering management services. These ‘client managment’ services that just do F/UF are very saturated right now.

Gotta be creative when looking for clients.

100%. And if you’re sending DMs at least be a little more persuasive than “we promote be the best promoting technique that there’s now, we will insrace your follower’s amount and likes.:wink:

I’m getting these on daily basis together with marriage proposals for the models I take photographs off.

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Hey thanks you all for trying to help me :slight_smile:

i send dm to local audience in my country, a country that does not speak English and the competition is very small …

so i dont think so they got dm before…
i was think about cold email but i am afriad about the spam laws.