Can't get into account(asking for a phone code)

Hey guys, I can’t get into instagram account, they ask me for a phone verification code, however this was just one time phone verification service from getsmscode website, not my real phone number, so i dont have access to it. However i have the access to an original email address, but its strange that no matter what i try , when i connect it doesnt allow to request a verification code to email ,only by phone. What can i do in this case? Is an account lost even if i have the logins to the original email?? Please, let me know!

What options do you have when selecting the “Trouble logging in/Forgot Password” option in the App?
You could always mark the account as hacked :thinking:

i can click on reset password or click on my email letter “this was not you? click here” , but even if i change password, they ask me for a phone verification…

WHEN u try login go to forgot password then it will ask u entere username/email enter the email they will send link to the mail.
then try it will work

Instead of following their link and requirements. Try resetting password instead. Go to instagram website ask to reset password. Put in e-mail and you should be able to receive EV.

Good luck.

hey @schoko :slight_smile: will marking account as hacked give you more chance to get the account back?

Yes, I receive an email from instagram with password reset, but once i change password its still asks me for a phone verification.

I’m able to get emails from instagram with password reset. The problem is that i’m not able to verify login to instagram acccount through phone , because i dont have access to it, and i can’t get email verirication code to email, because they don’t even give me an option to request a verification(loggin attempt) code tobe sent to email. That’s the problem.

Let me know how i can fix it guys!

yeah @Ins u can try the account got hacked method may be that can help u.

Pretty sure this is intentionally being done to lock out suspected spam accounts, and I don’t know if there’s a way out of it once the number has been assigned to an account and you can’t access it anymore. I’ve tried the above methods in the same situation and you’re forced to PV with that number, no matter what you do. Can’t remove it, because in order to you have to first verify, which is illogical. They should at the very least allow you to change the number if they want to force it into a PV state, but as far as I’ve seen you can’t.

Maybe there is a solution but I haven’t found one to work.

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Actually, i just fixed this problem. Here is how i did that:

I request password change by email, i changed password and then they required me for phone verification. However, i can’t do that so i didn’t do that. What i did is this - i went to my email again and opened an email with the subject “Your Instagram password has been changed”

You will see this text when you enter this email:

"This is a confirmation that the password for your Instagram account ziarakleharuifevs has just been changed.

If you didn’t change your password, you can [secure your account here]

If you’re having trouble, please refer to the Instagram Help Center."

You just need to click on “secure your account here” . You will need to enter the new password and finally, this will work, because it won’t require phone verification anymore, at least for me it didn’t require…


However I have additional question guys, do you know how can i avoid these problems? Because im buying many accounts which are aged like 5-6 years old, from accsmarket and i got this dumb problem… I can’t put my real phone to all accounts i buy because im reselling fast, so maybe someone of you knows where to buy aged accounts and avoid this kind of issues?? Thank you!

Interesting… will try that link next time, although I could swear that I have and it just forced a PV with the old number as soon as successful login with the new PW happened.

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Let me know how it goes!

This is interesting, thanks for sharing it with us. You were lucky :slight_smile: let’s see if it will work for others :slight_smile:

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I’m having the opposite issue. the email is spelt wring and for some reason it’s not sending me the code to my phone. Any help on this? its a personal account