Cant log in after chaning ip - help needed

Hi , for some of the accounts I get this fucking thing ->
for other accounts I get PVA to phone number I used on smspva ->
Try to reset password on email - reset pass - still asks for PVA
Some of the accounts ask for EVA - I put it - and get a fucking look of ->
(yes I tried API - thats the result -> )
How can I solve it?

Happened to all of my accounts…

don’t use smspva! Buy your own sim card

ye right , buy 2000 sim cards and use them for mother slave right…
what If I had 7000 accounts? I had to keep a fucking room for simcards?

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Yes and a sim cards pool to hold them

I’m sorry but this response had me laughing so hard

Anything to do about it?

i have same issue with you. i take account rest for 1 day and try again…now it work for me :wink:

Did you find any solution for this problem ?