Cant log in anymore to Instagram

Hi everybody, got a problem and can’t find solution. So basically was updating my info on Instagram and deleted the email on the private information setting. The app frooze and had to force to exit so when I tried to get back in I couldn’t anymore. I keep getting the message saying : we can’t reach you at the email address on your account. Update it to keep your account secure.

Thing is, when I put an email it goes to : oops an error occurred.!

And this is it, been every single way, also from fb but I can’t do anything with the account, nor I can change the password or anything and fb help center isn’t really helpful as they didn’t solve it. Anyone can help? It’s my business page so I’m also willing to pay to recover the account

Tried logging in through your browser?

I did try! I also tried to reset password but nothing… I don’t even get new password links on my phone.

try to clear data of instagram and then uninstall app. after that go to APKMirror [] scroll down and choose what ever you need for your phone. install instagram from downloaded apk and try your steps again (reset password, connect with fb or change email)

Thanks, gonna try now, do i have to do it from phone or from laptop?

still got the same problem

lets try to add one more step [i’ll send you nordvpn account details on private message soon]: download nordvpn also from apkmirror [] or play store. open it after installing instagram from apk. choose ip. peak the same country, from where you registred your bussiness account. after you connect to ip - open instagram and repeat steps.

just do everybody know, account is back working normally, i did infomr instagram about their ssystem bug and now everything is working fine :slight_smile:

Hi! I’m having the exact same problem. When I put my email address in, it takes me to this screen and nothing happens.

Could you please tell me how you got it working? Been like this since Tuesday