Can't login to Instagram on desktop or mobile - no error message, just reloads

I purchased an Instagram account from someone I deemed legitimate after vetting. They posted a test image for me, and I gained access to the original email associated with the account after purchase. Was able to login and check the email on, however, whenever I try to login to Instagram, nothing happens and it just reloads the login page. Same thing happens on browser (Chrome) and on iPhone. There is no error message, it just reloads the page as if nothing happens. I reset the password and it still is doing the same thing. I have tried logging into other accounts of mine which worked fine but something is preventing this one from logging in. I know this was originally created with a proxy. I have a VPN on my computer and have also tried logging on with it turned off and on. Any advice?

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Can you get the cookies from the seller? If so you stand a better chance of being able to access the account. You would not be able to do it on mobile, but on a browser you should be fine. It sounds like more of a bug than anything.

Is the seller still able to access the account just fine?

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Following. Do you have any update to this situation? I’ve never heard about this.

I have this issue as well on about 3-5% of clients. I believe this issue is caused by traveling, switching proxies too often (paired with automation), or too many have tried to login to the account from across the world.

I run the tech dept for a small non profit. We go through social media workers often and we encounter this issue with most of our employees. Its difficult to fix when zero errors are shown. Id love to know of any ideas on how to solve this, or on how to contact them.

Usually clearing cookies and the browser cache works. Try something like CCleaner as well.

This seems to be more intricate of an issue. Iv gone as far as VPNs, incognito browsers, different users across the world and even new computers. No error shows at all. It seems to only happen to certain users, and that same user often has the issue with multiple accounts, while others can login fine. I simply cant find a solution.

Same issue. Is there a fix?

Did you fix your issue?

I have also been having the same issue recently a lot of accounts, any fixes?

So i opened inspect element on my desktop and saw that whenever i tried to log in, the page reloads after receiving an “ajax error message” as follows:

1. Request URL:

  2. Request Method:


  3. Status Code:


  4. Remote Address:


  5. Referrer Policy:


1. Response Headers

  1. access-control-allow-credentials:


  2. access-control-allow-origin:

  3. access-control-expose-headers:


  4. alt-svc:

h3-29=":443"; ma=3600,h3-27=":443"; ma=3600

  5. cache-control:

private, no-cache, no-store, must-revalidate

  6. content-language:


  7. content-length:


  8. content-security-policy:

report-uri; default-src 'self'; img-src data: blob: https://* https://* https://* https://* https://* https://*; font-src data: https://* https://* https://*; media-src 'self' blob: https://* https://*; manifest-src 'self'; script-src 'self' https://* https://* wss:// https://* https://* https://* 'unsafe-inline' 'unsafe-eval' blob:; style-src 'self' https://* 'unsafe-inline'; connect-src 'self' https://* https://* https://* https://* wss:// wss:// https://* https://* https://* chrome-extension://boadgeojelhgndaghljhdicfkmllpafd blob:; worker-src 'self' blob:; frame-src 'self' https://*; object-src 'none'; upgrade-insecure-requests

  9. content-type:

application/json; charset=utf-8

  10. cross-origin-embedder-policy-report-only:


  11. date:

Tue, 18 May 2021 15:17:42 GMT

  12. expires:

Sat, 01 Jan 2000 00:00:00 GMT

  13. ig-set-password-encryption-web-key-id:


  14. ig-set-password-encryption-web-key-version:


  15. ig-set-password-encryption-web-pub-key:


  16. pragma:


  17. priority:


  18. report-to:

{"group": "coep", "max_age": 86400, "endpoints": [{"url": "/security/coep_report/"}]}

  19. set-cookie:

csrftoken=WOxjRNP9mHS8h2SnzIRACexDBLc2iDmU;; expires=Tue, 17-May-2022 15:17:42 GMT; Max-Age=31449600; Path=/; Secure

  20. set-cookie:

rur=FRC;; HttpOnly; Path=/; Secure

  21. strict-transport-security:


  22. vary:

Accept-Language, Cookie

  23. x-aed:


  24. x-content-type-options:


  25. x-frame-options:


  26. x-ig-origin-region:


  27. x-ig-push-state:


  28. x-ig-set-www-claim:


  29. x-robots-tag:


  30. x-xss-protection:


2. Request Headers

  1. :authority:

  2. :method:


  3. :path:


  4. :scheme:


  5. accept:


  6. accept-encoding:

gzip, deflate, br

  7. accept-language:


  8. content-length:


  9. content-type:


  10. cookie:

mid=W7Z_7gALAAEH9zKc8FWKvvAkCMK6;; ig_did=47A05A30-8799-4F66-8DAE-6F5D92500771; ig_nrcb=1; csrftoken=WOxjRNP9mHS8h2SnzIRACexDBLc2iDmU; ds_user_id=6854621505; sessionid=6854621505%3AvLpb4PGd5UHfDP%3A18; shbid=14562; shbts=1621350672.3910053; rur=FRC; fbsr_124024574287414=qQgPgS1ilvyusNQlwe69x5y9CIXqDJy3tlaKbuBQkPg.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

  11. origin:

  12. referer:

  13. sec-ch-ua:

" Not A;Brand";v="99", "Chromium";v="90", "Google Chrome";v="90"

  14. sec-ch-ua-mobile:


  15. sec-fetch-dest:


  16. sec-fetch-mode:


  17. sec-fetch-site:


  18. user-agent:

Mozilla/5.0 (Windows NT 10.0; Win64; x64) AppleWebKit/537.36 (KHTML, like Gecko) Chrome/90.0.4430.212 Safari/537.36

  19. x-csrftoken:


  20. x-ig-app-id:


  21. x-ig-www-claim:


  22. x-instagram-ajax:


  23. x-requested-with:


4. Form Dataview sourceview URL-encoded

  1. username:


  2. enc_password:


  3. queryParams:


  4. optIntoOneTap:


  5. stopDeletionNonce:



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I hope this helps someone figure out what the problem is.

I can’t login in one account. Always, I’ve been returned to login page
I tried to log in my phone, pc, incognite page, bluestacks, instadub, everything but I’m in a kind of loop that returns me to login page.

I have faced with this issue. then I tried to login on browser with 4G proxy, and it showed that my account was disable. :frowning:

My account is active even I contacted with fb support and they just send me this link: How do I report a technical problem on Instagram? | Instagram Help Center
In other words, they didn’t fix anything

Had same issue got mine fixed with the help of snap_restore on Instagram