Cant make new accounts Last

Hey guys,
Lately I’ve been trying to create new twitter accounts , I used rotating 4g proxy for that + Sim cards of the same country,
I create the account , and it works just fine , I start to follow low amounts of users (upto 5 per day)
and by the 3-5th day the account is getting suspended

Any reason what might cause it?
If few accounts created on the same Ip could it trigger the reason? (since the ip is rotating so it might reuse the same ips after a while i guess)

What setup did you use for account creation? Did you created accounts using the mobile Twitter app or browser? If you used a browser for account creation, your browser may leave behind some footprints

I did use browser but with changed fingerprints so it’s hard to believe that is the reason
I also use older accs on the same kind of browser for long time and they do not get banned

How many accounts do you already have running on the IP that you are using? That could be one reason why the account does not last long anymore.

Also, aside from just doing follows, make the accounts look more normal by having other interactions such as RTs and liking/favoriting tweets. Doing the F/U method alone is very suspicious nowadays.

Try warming it up first, before you start following anyone. If you are automating those accounts, try first doing manual warm-up for at least one-two weeks. Do some random actions, such as posting, commenting, giving likes, etc. And after that period, then start 5 follows per day.

the Ip is blacklisted and there is a possibility the SIM card as well, when a suspension happens that fast it’s usually too many accounts on the same IP that have been created.

Do you use the same phone number to create another account if an account get suspended?

Maybe you are leaving a footprint when creating the accs.
if you will shar more information regarding your setup I might be able to assist.

Twitter sometimes state the reason why an account is suspended through the suspension notice email. If it states that your account was suspended for evading permanent suspension, then there is a possibility that your ip is blacklisted.

do those accounts have similar name/bio/username/profile or have a link in their bio? i agree with the other users, during the first two week you should do other actions besides follow actions to make the accounts look more natural.