Cant post to instagram

hello everyone its been 36 hours since i cant post to instagram .when i try to post it keeps getting stock on finishing up and never uploads .i didnt got any message from instagram or report.
i have been doing some follow unfollow on that account for the past 2 days,also have connected it with a bot 2 days ago ,dont know if that is the reason why i cant upload.
Can you guys give me a solution ??
have you ever faced this problem

What a coincidence!
How much did you follow and unfollow?
Please provide the numbers

Having the same problem here, dont think there is a solution online yet.

Oh yes there are solutions… Use a good proxy. Go very careful with your follow / unfollow settings. Try posting album and videos. But basically it is a proxy + account abuse issue.


Did you try to upload it from your phone or via browser or via a “”? Do you still have the problem or could you solve it and if so, how?

i have also tried on other browsers and phones but still the same problem