Can't receive phone verification code

Hello today 40 of my accounts hit by phone verification but when i enter the number i don’t get any code
i tried with my real sim card and online service and same problem
any one faced this before ?
i will just let the accounts rest for some days and try again or i will get another solution here

Fewer people will see this in the private section so you get fewer chances of help, I’d suggest to move it to the normal forum so more people see it and you get help faster, after all it’s nothing that needs to be kept secret…


that’s right how i can move it there ?

It’s there now :), good luck with this…

In my experience if you give it 24 hours rest and do it again, it usually works. IG is buggy like that sometimes.


I tried creating a new account last week and this happened at registration, it just never sent the code… so I gave up, didn’t want to risk getting my other accounts flagged. Could have been a blip in the system, but it’s not a good feeling.

40 accounts is crazy, I’d be panicking :confounded:

Depends on OF HOW MANY :slight_smile: I know a dude with close to 2500 accounts, for him this is just the daily dose of PVs / bans.


Wow, i think he enjoying the process like drink a water to stay alive. 8 cups a day.

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Having this issue as well, started acting up since 10 hours ago