[Can't Remember Website] Finding Influencers/local business

Hey, I remember seeing a post on here a while back regarding finding local influencers/business’ where you can use a website that will just search the bio for x city and narrow it by most to least followers or something like that

(i already searched for it and have been checking my history for like 30 minutes but cant find it)

if anyone knows or remembers the site it would be sweet if you could let me know

thanks in advance :smile:

Maybe you mean heepsy.com ?

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Check this


There’s also this one for searching bios: https://www.searchmy.bio/


no it wasnt this one, but thanks for replying ill check it out


this was it! thank you.

im so dumb for not just googling “search bio on instagram” or something like that

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thank you, i already found the site but ill still look through this thread

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