Can't see comments on one post

I have one post that no one else can see the comments for, but I can - any ideas as to why?

It’s a photo with a tweet cropped over it to report on some sports news (I have all the photo rights) - a bit of contract gossip that’s common knowledge. Could it be that one of the parties reported it?

Interestingly, it’s still racking up likes and impressions, as are my other posts.

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It could be that commenting has been turned off for that post (maybe by mistake)… Try to open the post on the IG app, click on the three dots menu, then you will see ‘there turn on commenting’ (if it was disabled)

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Thanks for the suggestion. Unfortunately, that’s not it - comments are on.

Impressions and likes are still going up and I’m still getting new comments, so it might be a bug - I’ll file an IG report and see if it magically gets fixed.

so they can actually comment but they can’t see their or other comments? that’s wierd, can you please share the post here? also, yeah you should contact IG.