Can't share to story

I’ve got a 48K account that is normal in every way possible (150 posts, following 1k), however one thing I can’t do is share posts to my story: Public posts. People I follow. When I click the paper airplane icon below the photo next to the heart and comments icon, I get the Share sheet as I would expect with other accounts, but there’s no option to share to story. I get the Search bar, then accounts below that to send to individual accounts.

I’ve tried logging out of the account, and logging back in. There’s still no option to share to my story. I can add anything to my story by clicking the (+) icon on the top left (my profile pic), so I DO have the ability to post to my story. Just not share to it.

I even tried adding the account on my iPod touch (which has never seen that account) and I get the same behavior as above, so it’s not my iPhone. I also tried switching it to a business account. Still no luck. I have “Resharing to Stories” turned on and I’m able to share stories from this account to other accounts I have. I have full insights and Your Activity (a new feature). This is so frustrating!

Any ideas? I’ve never seen this behavior before!

Hey, did you ever find a solution to this?

Negative. I just gave up finally…

Seems like some features come and go. Even on a verified account I manage, the video call feature is completely gone now. It was there and didn’t really work… but now it’s completely gone.

This happened to me 2 months ago for a week and then the feature came back in the next update.