Can't sign up IG account though valid email, username and password?

I have signed up IG account but I could not.
Though email, username, password are valid
I received nontification : "Sorry, something went wrong creating your account. Please try again soon."
Please help me create account ! Thanks

Are you using proxy? If not, have you already created accounts through your current IP?

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If you have dynamic IP, just keep rebooting your router to get a new IP.

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I don’t use proxy … :slight_smile:

That’s already created, but need phone verification,

Try login with “Instagram Apps”, not website, and will appear phone verification form.

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In many cases I know that if I get that screen the account will be fried short after starting anything on it.

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Its update from instagram, IG is haunting windows PC signups.
No matter what IP you have, no matter how many times you will change it, IG will block sign up (thats what i see from my tests) :wink:
They made this change few days ago, for some time it was possible to make IG accs via browser with no problems, now its more complicated.

That's already created, but need phone verification,
Thats not true, ive checked this few times, on my side accs are blocked when i login via app, no PVA request.

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Thank you @dddd


thx for the info … i am also currently struggling with it.

do you have a workaround for that issue ?