Hello yall

Just wondering if there is a tweak around the CAPATCHA DISABLED, they ask for selfie verification. If i do selfie verify it works & i get the acc back, doing it in a large scale is draining.
is there any way around this capatcha disabled selfie?

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No unfortunately there is not.

If its for scrapers then you are better off just buying more to replace as it will take so much man power to try fix. Probably cost a lot using VAs.

If its a client account getting captcha then you are doing something wrong and need to test things to get the right limts.

If its a child account then it could the bad quality accounts, bad proxies or bad actions.

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What is the best way to create scapers by ourselves? My scrapers are dying in 3-4 days.
Also how long does an average scraper stays alive? (that is considered good enough)