CAPTCHA Scrapper Problems

Hi All,

I’ve been scratching my head over the past few weeks dealing with CAPTCHA issues. So I bought 50 of blank scrappers acc from trusted sellers and I used 10 of them instantly (within the first 24 hours) and they are all still working well until now (it’s been 7 days with no issues at all - so I believe my settings are fine).

But when I tried to use the rest of the blank scrappers 7 days after I bought them, they always gave me CAPTCHA - sometimes right after I login, sometimes after I did just 30 API calls. Tried changing to 4g mobile proxies, ipv6 data center, etc but to no avail.

My question is do you need to use the blank scrapper accounts right away after you buy them? I read somewhere that you need to login & do action right away with blank scrappers and not let them sit more than 48+ hours otherwise you’ll get CAPTCHA — is this true?

Thanks and I really appreciate all the guidance!

I have never heard of that, scrappers with a date of expiration :grin: , seriously, maybe it was just a coincidence and those were bad scrapers, did all of them give captchas or just a few (i mean the ones that you added after 7 days).

While the actual time-frame may vary, that is true. Blank, inactive scrapers will die faster

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Yes 100% of them died if I sit them too long

yeah, first time I hear that and I can see schoko confirming that, so I think you should be using them right away to avoid this issue.