Captcha Slaves Help What to do

Hi everyone,

So doing M/s and right now scrapers are working well. However, I am having trouble with 4g and slaves. I have the 4g rotate 3 times daily. So 3 intervals of 8 hour working time. I fit 5 slaves into each interval. All slaves I buy are brand new so I warm them up. All slaves are doing 90-100 follows per day.

I’ve tried search and most say that its just random and there are waves that come and go?

However, recently Ive been getting hit with captchas… Im on EB only of course, but cant figure out why. The only pattern Ive noticed is anything below 500 follows have a high chance of captcha. Which I thought was the case… until today I have 1 slave around 700 get captcha.

what do you guys to avoid it?

I can get cheap sims to register to these slaves… but have yet to try this. I was hoping each sim to hold 5 accounts.
Another plan I am doing now - I am doing views for a week first before any follows…

Does anyone else have any suggestions?

Also any one sell warmup accounts? (to replace my dead ones)



Eb is bugged atm so I wouldn’t go to hard on it. The developers are working o a fix atm and probably won’t be done till late next week. Atm I’m testing api.

My question is, how long did it take for you to get to 80 followers from day 1?

Id say its just the fact that EB is not safe atm but you could also be going to fast.

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