Captchas unsolvable problem

Hi guys,

and hints ideas what’s the root cause when accounts using m/s get captcha window block without being able to use EB to solve it (i.e. I cannot see the captcha using EB)? Got this block on every of my accounts. Like once a month or so. J support said I need to change my user agent to edge user agent.

They also said I should check the following links via EB. I cannot open the second link using EB. Changing the user agent had no effect at all.

It’s only possible to solve it by logging in with my private smartphone. I think that not the best way to solve the problem.

you are most likely using a proxy that doesn’t allow connection to those links, you should change your proxies or talk with them to allow connection to the links, and your issue should be solved.

Can you share here which EB user agent you were using? Did you restart Jarvee after you changed the EB user agent?

The best way to solve the captcha is by setting up the auto captcha solver (2captcha) in Settings > connectivity tab.