Caption appears and disappeared and reappear

Did this happen to any of you?
My caption sometimes desapear and I edit caption there’s no text there. So I change the way to see posts and caption reappear. I thought the problem was in my phone, but I’ve seen this logged in other accounts abd phones. Also video is not showing everyone who seen it

Ya I’ve definitely had this happen a decent amount within the last few months. I just refresh whenever this happens and the caption always reappears.

It only seems to happen after viewing a post multiple times, I’ve never had it happen the first time I’ve viewed a post so I’m guessing it has something to do with a bug in pulling info from cache storage, or however IG stores information that has been downloaded before in order to allow for quicker loading times/less data usage.

It happens to me sometimes with comments!

It says, I have for example 50 comments, then I click on it and it either shows no comments or only like 2-3