Caption Failure, Constant Account Compromised, Validation Loops

Good day all!

I’m constantly getting these problems but I don’t really know what its real issue is.

-My posts are being published without captions either if I publish via campaigns and in the repost section.
-The accounts are getting too many verification processes and I have to change the passwords constantly due to account compromised errors. This is taking me far too much time…

I have reset the devise IDS, changed passwords, stopped all tools for many days, changed phone numbers, used residential proxies, changed proxies, but none of this happen to solve the problem.

Is this happening to someone else? Does anybody know how to fix this from its root cause or explain me why this keeps happening? Thank you!

Happening to me, I think you need to rest the account from any API calls for 2-3 days to resolve it

I’ve tried over 5 days already in many times and I’m still having issues.

I know it’s not a proxy thing or an automation happening because all tools are off

it took me one month to get out of all those loops.
I took the accounts out and put them on my phone, after one month of manual actions, they’re good.
and I’m not botting anymore just be safe, automation has been nothing but a headache lately.
if you’re doing only posts like me, better do it manually.
I post twice on all my 30 accs manually, it’s completely doable

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Good day all! most of the errors were solved by doing the 2-factor authentication. Still don’t find a definitively solution