Captions being deleted

Hey guys I am having continuous issues on JV with the campaigns not posting captions for videos/images. I have rested accounts for like a week and that used to fix it but now its still happening. On images I have tried the delete and repost with EB feature but that gives cropping issues on the image and doesn’t work with video. Any suggestions?

You can try changing the device ID, deleting cookies and logging out, and back in and see if that lets you post.

Most likely caused by bad proxies or low account trust score, try another proxy or rest the account longer if the first thing doesn’t let you post.

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I’ve had this issue before its important to rest accs/reset/deleting cookies

But honestly I prefer to post manually now because I feel like my engagement tanks when I use JV to post.

How do I delete the cookies? I did the device ID reset just now.

I do post manually to the account as well.

its the “Clear Cookies” options in the same window where you device ID reset

can you post a screenshot? I am nt seeing that option anywhere on that page, using JV for this, not MP.

awesome, i was finding the reset device ids from a different menu.

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This is the official reply of JV to solve this hope it helps:

Thank you for contacting us.

Instagram might delete the caption or hashtags if:

  • You are using the same caption or a part of it over and over again.

  • If your caption has some spam words as Free … etc

  • If you are using the same hashtags over and over again.

  • If it doesn’t like the proxy you are using.

  • If you are tagging the same user or tagging users in all your posts.

You will need to review all these points and make the necessary changes then check the following option:

Click on Campaigns --> Overview --> Advanced settings --> Instagram and check the following boxes (screenshot below) and try again:

If the problem persists please reset the device ID of the account.

Please click Actions == Edit next to that account from Social Profiles tab and scroll down a bit and check the box to show advanced settings and scroll down and reset the device id and try again.

Please don’t hesitate to contact us anytime if you need further assistance.

Best Regards,


Everything that was mentioned above didnt work for me and was a good red flag that something really bad is about to go down. Think about it this way… the fact that captions are not uploading as a symptom

I personally decided to quit content management thru J completely. Buffer/Later or best case scenario… manual.

Yeah I already wen’t through support. One issue is that even if the retry posting with EB works, if the image is too big, it crops it instead of adding the white bars and makes your content look awful. They haven’t fixed that part.

Is there a way to use a scraper to get all of the posts and then export to Buffer somehow? I use buffer for like 100 accounts and its decent. Good for posting scheduled stuff but can’t do content aggregation/curation.